The Digital Twin Network for 4th Industrial Revolution.

In an increasingly connected world an open source protocol connecting entities by providing an interoperable interaction layer is needed.

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Interlinked is
connecting intelligence

When the internet was created, the missing piece was an identity management layer. Interlinked Protocol now provides a base layer for connecting entities powered by digital agents and individual service connections.

What is the situation?

Today humans, machines or software agents increasingly need to access and control a diverse group of interconnected objects to achieve goals in both the digital and physical world.


Today identities are static, dumb, inconsistent and controlled by third parties.

Data in silos

Data is vulnerable to identity theft and privacy breaches. Transactions are done in central systems, transaction across these silos are complicated.

No interoperability

There is no addressing and verification scheme to allow connected physical and digital entities to transact among each other in a trusted and automated way.

Trust Tax

Value chain actors have no means to verify attributes of identities. Consequently, complex validation processes exist that cause enormous hidden trust taxes for all actors.

How do we solve this?

The Interlinked Protocol provides an interoperable digital fabric for digital twinning and agent-to-agent transactions to exchange data, digital assets, physical value and services in a privacy-preserving way.

Interlinked Protocol is enabling completely new applications, services, and forms of value models. Such an ecosystem should not be controlled by a small number of large companies. It has to be controlled and owned by people. This is why Interlinked Protocol is an open source project driven by enthusiastic people looking for allies to contribute.

Interlinked Protocol
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How does the Interlinked Protocol work?

The core concept of the Interlinked Protocol is to create digital doppelganger for all connected entities. They work as agents for humans, machines and objects and support all types of identifier systems. These digital twins enable connections to directly exchange data, digital assets, physical value or services by facilitating peer-to-peer transaction.

Why is the Interlinked Protocol needed?

To establish digital twins that enable

  • transactions among people, things and agents, that have never met before,
  • free movement of physical, digital and financial values along value chains and life-cycles,
  • as well as privacy-preserving, highly automated transactions.

To provide the means to verify attributes (certificates, audit trails) to establish trust and a digital fabric for agents to transact with each other without the need of intermediaries.


  • User-centric Human Identity
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Digital Twin of 3D Printed Objects
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Carpass with Tamper-Proof Mileage Data
  • Software Audit Trails
  • Agent-to-Agent Transactions

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Meet the team

Decentralized technology built by people from different backgrounds.

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Founding Team

Carsten Stöcker


Michael Rüther


Dimitry Gorevoy


Ricky Thiermann

Schön' juten Tach

Andrey Orlov


Alexander Yenkalov


Georg Jürgens


Marius Goebel

Glück auf

Felix Ratte



Andreas Freund

Blockchain Swiss Army Knife, ConsenSys


Gilles Gravier

Director Open Source and Blockchain Strategy, Wipro


Jennifer Wu Schwab

CFO & Head of Strategy, ScanTrust


Burkhard Blechschmidt

Head of CIO, Cognizant


Pierre Samaties

Managing Partner & CEO, innogy International Middle East


Rebecca Aspler

Product Management, CoT Product Line, Unbound Tech


Daniel Santos

CEO, Token Advisors


Sebastian Picon

Business Developer, Singapore


Dimitri De Jonghe

Head of Product & Research, Ocean Protocol


Craig Davis

CEO, Clean Green Fast


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